Europese School Den Haag Rijnlands Lyceum

European School The Hague Rijnlands Lyceum

Is your child in need of some extra support while studying? Does your child always wait until the last moment to make his homework or does he or she simply need some extra explanation for a specific topic? Lyceo offers personalized support that can help your child develop the needed skills to not only ease his or her high school years, but that will also help him or her later in his or her academic career. Our tutors will help your child to plan ahead, write coherent summaries, they will answer their questions and help them study efficiently for their exams. Meanwhile the coordinator will keep in close contact with both, you as the parent or guardian and with the school and teacher about the progress of your child.

Marlies van Eck van der Sluijs


My name is Marlies van Eck van der Sluijs and I am the coordinator in charge of the Lyceo tutoring services offered at the European School of the Hague. I will assist your child to develop the needed skills to successfully complete his or her educational programme at the European School and further academic career thereafter. I obtained a Master degree in European law from Leiden University. During my student years at the university, I trained and coached youth teams at various hockey clubs. There I found my passion in training and coaching, and working with teenagers. During summer breaks I am still involved as a staff member at international hockey camps.

  • Europese School Den Haag Rijnlands Lyceum
  • Oostduinlaan 50
  • 2596JP Den Haag
  • Marlies van Eck van der Sluijs
  • Vestigingscoördinator

The services Lyceo offers at the European School The Hague are homework support, and the exam week class.

Homework support

Three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday we will offer homework support in small groups of 7. Our tutors will help your kid with planning, structuring their homework, answer questions and check if the homework is completed. When needed they will quiz the students on the subjects that need to be studied.

Exam week class

During examweek we will provide a quite space where your child can prepare for their exams. There is a possibility to be quizzed and to ask questions.

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