Lyceo homework class and tutoring

Lyceo offers a range of services for school-age children. Since our website is in Dutch, we have created this page with a summary in English.

Our main services:

  • Homework class (in Dutch: huiswerkbegeleiding)
    After school, pupils come to one of our classrooms to work on their own homework. Homework class is organised in small groups. Our supervisors help pupils to plan and organise both homework and studying for tests. The supervisors can answer questions and provide extra support when pupils need more help.
    Before your child starts homework class, you will meet with our location coordinator to discuss the Lyceo approach and the objectives of homework class.
  • Tutoring (in Dutch: bijles)
    At our tutoring sessions, we focus on one particular subject. Tutoring takes place in a one-on-one setting. We have tutors for all subjects and all secondary streams (vmbo, havo and vwo).
    Tutoring can be adapted to each individual child’s needs.
  • Exam training (in Dutch: examentraining)
    Final year pupils can attend exam training to prepare for their final exams. An exam training focuses on one particular subject, but our trainers also cover general exam taking techniques and share tips on the best way to prepare for exams. We organise 2-day exam training sessions at weekends, and 3-day sessions in all school holidays.
    Exam training is also available for all subjects and all streams.
  • Primary school tutoring (in Dutch: basisschoolbegeleiding)
    Primary children all learn at their own pace. Sometimes children do well in one area but need some extra help in others. Particularly for parents who don’t speak Dutch, it can be hard to help. Lyceo offers primary school tutoring in spelling, comprehension (Dutch: begrijpend lezen) and arithmetic (Dutch: rekenen). Like secondary tutoring, these sessions are one-on-one and adapted to the individual child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Lyceo has locations all over the country, both at schools and on our own premises. School locations may also be open to pupils from other schools. Our own locations are open to pupils from all schools in the area.

If you read Dutch, you can visit the various sections of the site to read about the services at each location. If you would rather get in touch with us directly, give us a call on 071-79 000 40 or send us an email at


Frequently asked questions
  • How can I get in touch with Lyceo?

    Give us a call on 071-79 000 40 or send us an e-mail at We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Where can I find a Lyceo location?

    We have locations all over the country. You will find them all on the map below. You can use the search box to find the Lyceo locations near you.

    Click on “Over deze locatie” to visit the Dutch-language page about this location.

  • What is the difference between homework class and tutoring?

    Pupils go to homework class a few days a week after school. They do their homework there and study for tests. Homework class is organised in small groups.

    Tutoring is one-on-one help with one particular subject. Pupils might need a few tutoring sessions before a certain test, or to get back up to speed if they have missed some lessons.

  • Lyceo doesn't have a location at my child's school. What are my options?

    In many towns we have locations at schools and also independent locations on our own premises. Pupils from all schools in the area are welcome to attend one of these independent locations.